Westinghouse 60cm 4 burner stainless steel gas cooktop


“1 boil to simmer in an instant
For precision control cooking all your favorite
recipes, our smart Dual Valve flame control lets
you go from a boil to simmer in an instant.
2 keep your pots and pans
in place
For extra peace of mind, our flat trivets are
designed to cover the large flat surface area for
better pot stability.
3 family safety first
Our cast iron trivets flat design ensures the base of
your pots and pans are fully supported, allowing
you to have a safe and stable cooking environment.
4 easy under knob ignition
The single action of pressing and turning the knob to
ignite the flame and start cooking
4 laser-etched control graphics
Understanding the cooktop should be easy. That’s
why our graphics are clear and durable, so they are
always there to help you understand how to get
the most out of your new cooktop and understand
exactly what goes where.
5 flameout, gas off
In the kitchen, it should always be safety first. If the
cooktop flame unexpectedly goes out, our Flame
Failure Device will automatically shut down the gas
supply so you and your family can breathe easily.
6 easy to clean
Spend more time cooking and less time cleaning.
Our flat surface gives foods and spills nowhere to hide, making cleaning a breeze.”



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