Westinghouse 60cm multi-function 10 pyrolytic oven, stainless steel


“just a touch for total control
Simple to operate with a sleek design, our full-touch
electric control panel with a fully programmable timer
ticks all the right boxes.
With just a touch or two on the easy-clean
the surface you’ll have total control over your
cooking temperatures, times, and functions.
(Selected models) 2 cleaning’s a breeze with steam
A 30-minute light oven cleaning that’s chemical-free.
Just add water and vinegar, turn on the steam cycle
and wait until the grime is softened and loosened. Grab
a cloth, and some detergent and wipe. Your oven is clean
again. Easy. (Selected models) 3 ovens that clean up after
Even cleaning up is easier with Westinghouse. Choose
a PyroClean oven and with the press of a button you
can keep your oven shiny and clean.
The oven turns on to an extremely high temperature,
turning grease and grime into ash.
All you need to do is simply wipe the residue away.
No nasty chemicals, no greasy mess – just a sparkling
clean oven with minimal effort.
(Selected models
4 designed for ease and safety
Telescopic runners are another piece of thoughtful
design that makes it easy to draw racks out and
safely check on your dishes during cooking. (Selected models) 5 get dinner on the table sooner
Why wait longer? Our fast oven heat up means you
can get on with the job of getting dinner on the table
sooner. 6 place your shelves in with ease
Our easy guide side racks allow you to place your
oven shelves in with ease. 6 designed to use maximum
Our step down shelves are designed to ensure you
can use every centimetre of available height and
space in your oven. 7 cooler to touch oven doors
Beautifully designed with Australian families in mind,
the multi-layer glazing of our oven doors are cooler
to the touch when the oven is hot.”



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