Westinghouse 90cm Stainless Steel Canopy Rangehood


“””1 Low energy, long lasting LED
With low energy use and a high illumination
performance, long-lasting LED lights make it easy
to keep an eye on your delicious cooking.
2 easy-clean filters
For ease and convenience, our easily removed
aluminium micro-mesh filters can simply be washed
safely in your dishwasher or hand washed. Keep
your rangehood looking great and performing well
with next to no effort.
3 quiet please, the cook’s at work
We believe you should be able to cook and hear
yourself think, or even have a conversation. That’s
why we developed a quieter rangehood that gives you
higher extraction. (Selected models)
4 Clear the air quickly
Our rangehoods offer powerful extraction rates
ensuring your kitchen is clear of cooking odours,
vapours and excess heat in no time at all”””



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