Westinghouse Freestanding dishwasher, stainless steel


“1 less dishes use less water
Every home is different, so is every load of dishes.
Our FlexZone half-load wash option saves water and
energy when you’ve got less dishes to wash. 3 fit things great and small
Every wash load is different. Our FlexRack cutlery
tray has got the space for that extra long knife or the
awkward pair of tongs, it can also be partially or fully
removed, so taller items can fit in your top basket
when you need. (WSF6608XA, WSF6608KXA) 5 make room for larger items
Those extra large items can now fit with ease in the
bottom basket with our height adjustable upper
basket. Even if it’s fully loaded, it’s easily lifted to fit
the most awkward item underneath. 7 anti-flood for kitchen
Sometimes things are out of your control. Our aqua
control function is designed to step in when you need
it most. The anti-flood device automatically cuts off
the water to avoid flooding, ensuring your kitchen is
looked after.
2 a faster wash, when you
need it
When it comes to doing the dishes you can choose
the program that suits you, whether you have a few
dishes, half a load or a full load you can choose our
Fast 30, Time Saver or Half Load program. *only on
selected models 4 dinner for 4 or 15, we have
you covered
Whether you’re entertaining or you’ve got a very
hungry family you’ll be glad to know you can really
fill a Westinghouse and still get sparkling results.
The super generous capacity can handle 15 place
settings with ease. (WSF6608XA, WSF6608KXA,
WSF6606XA, WSF6606KXA) 6 fan dried for a faster finish
Is there anything worse than finding plates in the
cupboard not quite dry? And forget waiting for the air
to dry your dishes. Fan drying means you can get it all
put away, straight away, without waiting with the door
open or wiping up. (WSF6608XA, WSF6608KXA) 8 clean with Extra Hygiene
Some items need a little extra care. When it comes to
cleaning baby products, chopping boards, knives and
wooden spoons our Extra Hygiene setting gives you
the extra sanitation when you need it most.”



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